How Online Casino Bonuses Work

The fact is, you don't need to be a regular to get your hands on free cash when you visit online casinos. There is real money just waiting to be picked up and it's yours. So just why are online casinos giving away money? There are two reasons:

  • To reward you for your custom
  • To be set apart from the rest in a highly competitive industry

So, why shouldn’t any business value your custom and support? Online casinos are no different to any other business in that regard. The sheer number of casinos these days means that the competition between them is fierce - not only do they want your business but they also want to keep it, before you go to another casino. To achieve this objective they must give you something back and reward you for that custom. That "reward" comes in the shape of cash bonuses.

How Online Casino Bonuses Work

Why are Casino Bonuses Important?

It always amazes us why so many online casino players never take full advantage of their bonuses. At the end of the day this is free money. That's worth repeating - free money! If you're going to play online anyway then you should really be claiming this money and doing whatever you can to get it. Remember that bonuses have several huge advantages to the player:

  • They put free money into your account
  • Allow you to play more casino games
  • A much greater chance to win big prizes

Consider one very important fact, when you get extra money by way of bonuses then this creates more chances to play casino games. The knock on effect of this is that you have more free credits to play with. With games that have progressive jackpots, such as pokies, this can make a huge difference. The bonus money can often lead to you winning big money that you would have never got your hands on simply because your funds had run out.

Some players have won millions of dollars using bonus money

It's basically offering you a freeroll to win even more money. If you are careful in how you use the bonus money then you are giving yourself a real chance to win life changing sums of cash.

The Different Types You'll Find

Now that we've introduced casino bonuses and the importance of them, it's about time we explained the different types of bonus and what they do. More importantly, what you need to do to be able to get your hands on them. There are numerous types of casino bonuses but we will focus on the main ones.

The Sign-Up Bonus

Also known as the "welcome bonus" or "match bonus", this bonus simply rewards you for depositing money with the online casino. The size of the bonus varies based on how much you deposit and the particular casino rules.

Reload Bonus

If you thought that online casinos were only interested in your initial deposit then you couldn't be more wrong. Existing players get reload bonuses for simply depositing again. So you can withdraw your winnings and buy something nice with it, then deposit again and get even more bonus cash.

Loyalty Bonus

Some casinos have loyalty programs and this is precisely what it says on the tin. You're rewarded for your ongoing custom that you give the casino, playing at their site and not going anywhere else.

No Deposit Bonus

Not all casino bonuses require you to deposit real money. Some of them will provide you with credits to use simply as a result of you playing on their site.

Free Bets Bonus

This is more commonly seen on games like slot machines where players are rewarded with free spins. Many jackpots have been won as a result of getting free spins.

Getting Your Hands on a Bonus

Many players miss out on bonuses simply because they don’t understand how they work or what they need to do to get them. All casinos have their own bonus rules, so you'll need to scout the bonus terms and conditions to see what they are.

Getting Your Hands on a Bonus

Defining "Bonus Requirements"

You will need to play with the bonus money before you're eligible to cash it out, you're given money to play with and not simply to elope with it. Bonus requirement rules are in place that require you to play a certain amount of bets before you can cash out the bonus.

So if the bonus reads "100% up to NZ$1000" and you deposit NZ$250, then your bonus will be NZ$250. But how much action do you need to give the casino to get the bonus money? The bonus terms and conditions will state the requirements, also known as "play through", which often come as a multiplier.

  1. Bonus Offer: 100% up to NZ$1000
  2. Deposit Made: NZ$250
  3. Bonus Amount: NZ$250
  4. Total in Account: NZ$500
  5. Playthrough: x30
  6. Action Needed: NZ$15,000

You need to wager $15,000 in total bets to get the $250 bonus, which is usually given to you in increments. This may seem like a large requirement but with careful play you can easily come out ahead.


Some games have a larger house edge than others. Seasoned players know that expert play on games like blackjack and video poker leaves the house with a very small edge against the player. Small enough that a good player can work through the bonus requirement and still expect to be ahead.

Don't Delay, Start Cashing In Today

Remember that online casinos are not your enemy, they want your business and they want to give you the best experience possible. If you stick with tried and tested online casinos then you can't go wrong. The best casinos want to give you bonus money because they want you to enjoy your experience and stay with them. It's your job to take what's on offer because it can help you win life changing sums of money. Failing that you can just be content in getting a lot more value for your money.