Your Casino Deposits & Withdrawal Guide

How to Move Cash in & out of Online Casinos

Online casinos are extremely fun places to be. The benefits that they offer players are mind blowing. Ranging from state of the art software, hundreds of available games, live dealers, cash bonuses, and tip top security. The leading online casinos have it all and are every bit as secure as the top live casinos.

So when you win some real money you want to get your hands on it, and players have two clear needs in mind when they transfer funds.

  • To deposit and withdraw rapidly
  • Totally safe and secure transactions
Your Deposits & Withdrawal Guide

These two reasons are paramount. In fact, one without the other will mean a lot of unhappy customers. It's of little use having secure transactions if you're waiting forever to get your money. Likewise, if you have rapid access but it isn’t safe, that doesn’t really work either.

Swift and sure - the benchmark for online casino transactions

The best casinos stick to these rules. Online watchdogs, like eCOGRA, monitor and analyse every single casino site, there are also independent groups that perform similar functions. This means that every online gambling website will have either been verified or not. The leading casinos will also have modern encryption software installed preventing online crime.

How to Make Your Deposits

First things first, you want to deposit some real money into your online casino of choice. You can't withdraw your winnings and get something back without initially putting something in.

  1. You will need to supply a username, create a password, and supply further contact information during the process of setting up your account.
  2. For some payment options, you have to supply valid identity information (passport or driver’s licence will normally be accepted). - You may also be asked for proof of residence during the identity verification process. This will enable the casino to establish whether you are indeed the person you claim to be and of legal gambling age.
  3. You will then be required to verify your e-mail address.
  4. Select the payment option that you prefer and enter the amount that you would like to deposit.
  5. Click "Accept" and your funds are on their way into your casino account.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings

Depositing money into an online casino is fun but not nearly as much fun as cashing out your winnings. This is a process that needs a little bit of care because you need to remember one thing. Security is everything to the major online casinos and this is why people trust them, but sometimes that security can place obstacles in the way of you getting your money.


Before you register with any online casino, ensure that you understand their policy regarding pay outs. It is important to check their "play through" requirements, as well as their minimum withdrawal amount. Sometimes the minimum withdrawal amount is much higher than the original deposit amount.

  1. When you win money, the full amount is credited to your player account which can be viewed by visiting the cashier page.
  2. As long as the amount exceeds the minimum withdrawal amount, you can then choose the payment option and account where your funds should be transferred out to.
  3. Most online casinos promise fast pay outs, but you have to ensure that this will indeed be the case by familiarising yourself with their terms and conditions.
  4. For large winnings (the amount differs depending on which casino you use), you may have to provide proof of identity before you can withdraw your winnings.

The Major Banking Options Accepted

We live in a diverse world and with millions of people playing at online casinos daily, it stands to reason that they will require different methods of depositing and withdrawing. Every casino that we advise our players to check out has a long list of banking methods giving them the widest possible list of options.

A word of warning, some casinos have a long list of deposit options but on closer inspection these options are not available to players from certain countries.

Security - The Key Word in Online Banking

Credit Cards

Credit cards have always been one of the major avenues for players to deposit and withdraw funds from online casinos. The three leading credit card providers, MasterCard, VISA, and AMEX, are as popular now as they have always been. They provide a safety net for players who don't want to use their funds to play online casino games with. Credit cards also have extra security features to protect you from online fraud. They are quick and reliable with low transaction costs.

Debit Cards

If you want more control over your finances then debit cards allow you to do that. You can see what comes out of your bank account as well as how much goes in. There is no chance of ever accumulating interest with a debit card transaction, unlike with a credit card. If your budget is tight or if you lack financial discipline then a debit card may be the better option.


The major e-wallet companies at this time are PayPal, NETELLER, and Skrill. What these e-Wallets do is to provide a barrier between your online casino and your bank account. You simply set up an account with one of these companies and then transfer funds into your e-Wallet account through your preferred payment options. The funds arrive in your e-Wallet account very rapidly. You are then free to transfer this money anywhere online. Fees are involved but are competitive given the extra benefits that you get from using these methods.

Security, The Key Word in Online Banking

We never recommend any online casino until we know with absolute proof that they have installed the best encryption software. We also look for casinos whose business conduct is both ethical and professional, and above all else…honest! Your banking details, as well as your personal details, must be safe and totally beyond the reach of cyber criminals!

Don’t be put off by any delay with your withdrawal. If you don't want to play then don't play. Simply wait for your withdrawal to happen

We know that the leading online casinos do everything they possibly can to make sure they are tamper proof. So sticking to our recommendations means one thing…you never have to worry about your money. Before you deposit any funds then check the casino out by doing the following:

  • Look for the e-COGRA seal of approval
  • Check online player reviews of the site
  • See what our experts have to say about them

The Three Stages of Online Casino Play

Depositing and withdrawing funds is easy. Casinos make them easy because they want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible. There are three stages to playing at online casinos with real money:

  • Depositing funds
  • Playing games
  • Withdrawing winnings

Our top rated casinos are at the very pinnacle of online gaming in all of these areas. There is nothing to be fearful of. If you take care to choose the best casinos and read the rules & regulations then you are going to have nothing less than a great online gaming experience.